OAFEnet Update for Thursday, November 15

The OAFEnet Email Update had a really clever opening. But then it forgot.

We have a big, big week for you this time. And not just reviews, but a lot of links to our blog and message board, as well. Almost an even split, in fact!

  • Have you ever thought about how tall fictional characters are? Mario is officially 5'1", but does that really matter to you? Apparently it matters to some people, because yo kind of flipped out about it in this week's first review.
  • When it comes to Marvel toys, do you like Hasbro or ToyBiz better? Get in on the (surprisingly civil) debate.
  • Folks who read the OAFEnet Email Update last week got a big surprise in the Email Update Exclusive. What was it? More than just showing off an upcoming review, the EUE revealed that we had a new OAFE.
  • Have you heard the rumored lineup for Hasbro Legends 5? If you haven't, here's the place to get the scoop.
  • Monday's review answered the question "What would anime characters look like if they weren't drawn in an anime style?" The answer: problematic.
  • Toy sighting threads! The place where people report what they've found in their area, so other folks can go shopping. That's not what this link is.
  • We're halfway through our plan to review 12 figures this month for Transformers Tuesday, and so far we're right on target! This week, numbers four through six.
  • yo posted a blog giving would-be figure traders a neat inside tip. If you've ever wanted to ship your purchases for free, he's going to tell you how.
  • We finished off this week in a manner that everyone can enjoy: with a man who's nearly 12" long! Ponder your own shortcomings.
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