GI Joe Movie Watch: Worldwide Joes

The ranks of the 2009 GI Joe movie continue to swell, and the Joe team continues to outnumber their Cobra enemies. Not that anyone knows who these characters are.

First is Heavy Duty, the guy who's inexplicably taken Roadblock's place on the team in most recent versions. That Sigma 6 figure with the Vulcan Raven-style gun? Should be Roadblock, is actually Heavy Duty. He's going to be played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who's had small roles in a ton of stuff, but is best known as Mr. Eko on Lost.

We also got news on the casting of Breaker, who's so obscure that most fans don't even know the character. He's the team's gum-chewing communications officer, and one of the original 13 Joes - and, by extension, one of the first figures released, too. He'll be played by relative unknown French Morrocan actor Said Taghmaoui.

Filming is tentatively set to begin in February.

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