Happy birthday, Stan Lee!

So in last week's OEU, we teased you with promises of a review that sounded like it was going to be about Jesus. Instead, it was about Stan Lee. And in that review, yo claimed he'd suggested a Stan Lee figure a few years ago. Did he?

Apparently, but not in the thread he thought. Here, from June 20, 2006, are his words:

you know what idea just popped into my head?

Stan Freakin' Lee.

Getting an articulated figure of The Man himself would be beyond awesome. It would have been a perfect summer exclusive, and they could have re-used the body to make J Jonah Jameson or something. God damn, man. Stan Lee!

A perfect summer exclusive, indeed. Now, obviously this figure can't be re-used for JJJ, but still. Once again, OAFEnet controls the future.

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