OAFEnet Update for Thursday, December 27

If Burger King isn't gonna sell the Whopper any more, they might as well change their name to the OAFEnet Email Update.

Welcome back, folks. If you missed our festive holiday front page earlier this week, with its holiday message, then we guess you just missed out, then, didn't you?! Nah, we're just kidding - we've saved it on our blog, and even have more pictures to illustrate it. Alvislluia!

  • Our reviews were all over the place this week, with reviews from five different lines. Artemis got things started this week with an ancient Grecian witch. Though she doesn't look very ancient. Instead, kind of hot, in an evil way.
  • We had more GI Joe casting news this week, but even more impressively, we got a logo to go along with our cut-rate coverage!
  • yo finally finished up the Hasbro Legends 3 reviews by taking a look at the figure that is traditionally last when we do a series like this, the Build-A-Figure. Some day we might change that up, do the BAF first or in the middle or something. Not today, though - today is just more of the same.
  • New comics ship on Friday this week, because of Christmas, which means you have an entire day to take a look at our regular "This Week In Comicshops" feature. Good thing, too, since a lot of stuff is coming in.
  • And since that feature was delayed, we threw up a quick toy-related link on Christmas Eve to keep everyone happy
  • Sunday's new review sparked quite the debate on our message board, with arguments over the pros and cons of the character. The one thing everyone agreed upon, though, was the quality of the figure that started it all.
    • If you want to weigh in on the debate, go right ahead.
  • Our next review is a figure in a fading line from a mediocre company. Boy, we really know how to drum up the excitement, don't we? We might as well tell you that this review doesn't contain any historical insight, sparkling wordplay or funny photo captions - but that stuff's not true. Find out what's what.
  • Take one old mold, repaint it into a couple different exclusives, and what do you get? Transformers Tuesday, that's what!
  • The new Transformers Animated series premiered last night - discuss!
  • It may seem kind of late in the year to be reviewing one of the summer con exclusives, but yo is a lazy, lazy man and he doesn't love you like the rest of us love you. There's actually a reason this one's being reviewed now, but you'll have to read it to find out.
  • Poe's new review this week points out the dangers of reading OAFEnet: when you already have two versions of a character and plan to get a third in the near future, what happens when you read a review that makes a fourth one look like a must-have? Stay strong, frugal friends!
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