The Ghost of Twisted Christmas Future

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I was talking with Poe earlier today, and the conversation got around to the McFarlane's Twisted Christmas Snowman and how it made Poe want a line based around Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. But what would this line entail? What could it entail?! Let's find out!

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past: this one's easy - every McMonsters line needs at least one smokin' hot female, and Past is it. The only question is whether she'd be more victim or vixen. Or perhaps, since she represents the past, an old woman in tattered rags from long ago.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present: he's a big fat jolly guy, kind of half Santa Claus, half harvest spirit. In McFarlane's hands, he'll probably be a morbidly obese guy or some kind of spiritual peeping tom. With tiny scenery around him, like Jack Frost.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Future: now this one's easy. It's a Grim Reaper, right? But that would be almost prosaic for McToys. They could come up with something really frightening, no trouble. But hopefully not a robot, just to be "future-y."
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge: just being an angry old man isn't "monster" enough for McToys. Maybe he'd be in some kind of straitjacket and A Clockwork Orange-style eye-clamps, bound by the ghosts and forced to watch their presentations.
  • Jacob Marley: a guy who comes back from the dead bound in chains? This guy is basically a McFarlane character already! They should really play that up - maybe even give him a body made entirely of chains! That's be unique. And cashboxes, of course. His accessory (or maybe Ebeneezer's) should be the door with Marley's face in the knocker.
  • Tiny Tim: a fine excuse to do a fetus in a jar or something. Maybe a parasitic twin growing out of Bob Cratchit's shoulder. In either case, it would be like the Saw figures from NECA: have Bob as the "figure" and Tiny Tim as the "accessory," but with no question that it's Tim who's selling the set.

So that's my list. Poe will be posting his in a few days. What's yours?

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