GI Joe Movie Watch: Rumors and Scuttlebutt

So it's been quite a while since our last GI Joe Movie Watch update, and this one is really only half a post. According to Variety, there's one new cast member and one guy "in talks." Of course, it's Variety, so who knows how much of this is true?

Anyway, word has it Marlon Wayans (previously rumored to be playing Heavy Duty) will now be playing Rip Cord, who the article describes as the "leader" of the Joes. Huh? Think someone's wires got crossed. At least, I hope someone's wires got crossed. The parachute guy is the leader? Uh, no.

The second name newly attached to the film is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was the young kid in 3rd Rock From the Sun and was in 2007's overlooked gem, The Lookout. He'll supposedly be playing Duke's best friend, "the science officer assigned to" the unit. Supposedly. Don't be surprised if this "science officer" were to suddenly start wearing, say, a silver faceplate or a long, draping hood, hint-hint.

One other oddity revealed in the article? "War-themed story is set 10 years in the future." What? Wow. Strange! Maybe that's their excuse for having color-coded laser guns?

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