GI Joe Movie Watch: ...and that should be all.

What better way to kick off Old Toys Month at OAFEnet than with what may be the final noteworthy piece of casting news for Stephen Sommers' GI Joe movie? The last update finished off the Joe team, and this one should take care of Cobra.

You may have heard that Cobra Commander isn't going to be featured in this movie - he's just going to be behind the scenes, while his agents do their work. Instead, the "main" villain is going to be Destro, and David Murray has landed the part.

Mostly a stage actor, Murray has apparently been described as a a cross between Alan Rickman and Clive Owen. If he can turn his Irish accent into a Scottish one and act like a self-righteous, upper-class snob, he should be golden. Hope he doesn't mind the mask. Murray had bit parts in King Arthur and Batman Begins, so you may have seen him before without noticing it.

And one other odd note from Murray's resume, GI Joe is apparently being shipped around under the name "Dark Sky." Is this just a step taken to throw off people looking to pirate the script early, similar to the way Return of the Jedi was filmed under the false title "Blue Harvest," or is it a hint toward the plot line? I mean, come on, "Dark Sky?" Remember how the second animated miniseries was all about Cobra's efforts to assemble the Weather Dominator? Yeah, dark skies, indeed.

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