OAFEnet Update for Thursday, February 14

Remember the past with the OAFEnet Email update.

We're halfway through Old Toys Month, and we're having a great time dredging up all this old crap. We're like the VH1 of toys.

  • yo went way back for this week's Joe Friday, taking a look at a much-wanted update of a very old figure.
  • The GI Joe Movie began filming this week, and we had one last-minute GI Joe Movie Watch casting change.
  • Poe kicked off a new series of reviews this weekend, beginning with a figure that even has hints of "old" in its name.
  • Our weekly Star Wars review does its part to dispel a long-standing myth that's made the rounds in the fandom.
  • Sadly, Poe failed to write Monday's new review entirely in verse; judging by the character, he couldn't have done any worse.
  • We took sort of an odd tack on Transformers Tuesday this week, with a figure that isn't a TF, but still belongs to Hasbro. What could it be? Go read the review to find out.
  • Fans of campy 1960s superhero tv shows should enjoy Wednesday's review - especially since you won't have to suffer through any terrible puns. Well, maybe just one.
  • Artemis graced us with the first half of a two-part review that manages to be both retro and futuristic all at once. Part two to come... in the future!

That's all we have for this week, but this weekend our Armchair Toy Fair Coverage kicks off, so check OAFEnet Saturday for all the goods.

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