Red Tornado addendum

In today's review of Red Tornado, I admitted I was largely unfamiliar with the character. If you find yourself in the same situation, maybe it will help if you realize the character is almost indistinguishable from the Marvel Comics character Vision. Check out the parallels:

A brightly-colored robot (Red Tornado, Vision) reusing the name of a nearly forgotten Golden Age hero (Red Tornado, The Vision), is created by a major villain (T.O. Morrow, Ultron) to infiltrate the world's greatest team of superheroes (the Justice League, the Avengers) and destroy them from within, rebels against his master and eventually joins the team as a real hero.

Quite the list of similarities, huh? But with only two months between their respective 1968 debuts - August for Reddy, October for Vision - the two were created too close together to be anything but a coincidence, much like the Doom Patrol and the X-Men, or Swamp Thing and Man-Thing. It's not a case like Roy Thomas' revamp of Captain Marvel, which was an intentional homage - this was just a random connection.

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