Darth Revan addendum

In today's Darth Revan review, yo said the mask was wrong. What's up with that? One of our readers has an answer:

Hasbro looked at the wrong source material. The canonical Revan is a brown-haired male, not a baldy. There's a mask item somewhere in the game the player can find and equip. Since no Revan mask can be worn in the game, someone took the other and skinned it to resemble Revan's somewhat. The shape of that thing was too different however, resulting in a rather wide, curved mask with a big visor. The screenshot that was included with the downloadable mod featured someone's bald main character wearing the reskinned modded mask and that's the picture Hasbro saw:

Clears that up, huh? Now the only question is why Hasbro did it in the first place.

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