Ramathorr addendum

In today's review of the Seventh Kingdom: Ramathorr figure, yo mentioned that the elephant's weapon was chosen in Round Five of the FANtastic Exclusive voting. That's great and all, but what were the other choices?

Okay, so A is the Buster Sword, obviously, the one that we got.

B is the Scimitar
C is the Broadsword
D is the Katana
E is the Khukuri
F is the Katar
G is the Battle Axe
H is the Chakram

Now, the sizes are approximate, based on what sort of weapon each is - when the Horsemen showed them off, all the images were the same size, which defeated any sense of scale. As you can see, they almost all had the "ivory tusk hilt" thing going on, so who knows why the Buster Sword had more than twice as many votes as the 2 finisher, the Battle Axe.

Honestly, considering Ramathorr's Indian influences, the scimitar, khukuri, chakram or katar would have been the most appropriate choices: and how cool would it have been to see him holding the katar (a punching dagger) with his trunk? The Buster Sword is just lame.

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One Response to Ramathorr addendum

  1. Will says:

    I'm still cool with the buster, as with a powerhouse like Ramathorr, it's very fitting for him to wield such a massive weapon.

    However, I wouldn't have minded him getting the katana, if it approached ridiculous Sephiroth-type, daikatana proportions. But I agree, a scimitar, katar or chakram (NEVER tell izdawiz I said that) would have looked done nicely, gripping trunk or not.

    Come to think of it, I don't even remember which one I voted for, but I'm sure I rated the katana and scimitar pretty highly.

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