Division of Labor

Have you noticed something about the names given to the Seventh Kingdom variants? There's a split between the elephants and the non-elephants. Check it out:

  • The Hammer of Gholl
  • The Mace of Broggah
  • The Club of Thraugnn

All different names for what is, essentially, the same type of weapon. The pachyderms have "offensive" names, but the other guys have "defensive" names:

Why is it that the elephants are named for weapons, while the other animals are named for armor? Does it speak to their different roles within the Anitherian Guard? Like, the elephants are in charge of cutting off external threats, while the rest are in charge of internal security? Kind of like the division between the CIA and the FBI. Who knows? Maybe the Four Horsemen didn't even notice the pattern that was being set up (though that's not very likely).

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