NECA TMNT addendum

Today I reviewed NECA Toys' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures.

The figures are great, with astounding sculpts and paint, and neat little city sidewalk bases. But the original idea for said bases was not plain gray; rather, they were to be as bright and stylized as the Turtles themselves.

As you can see, the sidewalk would have been a bright yellow, and the pavement a desaturated blue - very comicbooky. The sculpts were approved as-is, but Peter Laird rejected the colored concepts, saying "the yellow sidewalk and blue street color concepts are too cartoony. Given the cool, graphic look of the Turtle figures we feel the bases should be more 'realistic.' Please make another pass at base colors and resubmit."

What do you think: was toning the colors down the right call, or would these bases have served the figures well?

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