OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, December 25

The OAFEnet Email Update is buried under a pile of torn wrapping paper.

Merry OAFEsmas, everybody! You survived yet another season of crowded malls, annoying ringing bells, recycled music and general frustration. Now all you need to deal with is returning everything you didn't want. Oh yay. Before you think about that, though, read up on what you should be spending your store credit on, thanks to another fine week of hand-crafted OAFE reviews.

  • Artemis began the week with a continuation of the theme that began last week. I'm not sure I'd trust the subject of this review, though - he seems remarkably fishy.
  • Get your passports ready - this week's Joe Friday comes to you direct from an exotic foreign locale, but does it in the sneakiest way possible.
  • Saturday's Star Wars review has often been compared to a spider, but arachnophobes have nothing to fear from this guy. In fact, he's big, fuzzy and cute, with only the normal number of arms and legs.
  • How closely is this next figure related to the one that kicked off the OEU this week? So close, it's a wonder they didn't come in a two-pack.
  • ML Monday came from Earth, but took to the stars. Kind of ironic, then, that he's sorely in need of a better suntan.
  • Electronics seem to be the hot Christmas gift this year, but there is such a thing as taking "early adoption" a step too far.
  • What connection does this week's Transformers Tuesday have to the movie Airplane!, and to the television series The Untouchables? Honestly, none. But you could make such a connection if you really wanted to.
  • We even had a bonus TF Tuesday review posted only for our blog readers. Don't you feel special?
  • For December 24th, there was really only one thing that made sense to feature.
  • And Artemis topped off the week with a Christmas angel. Sort of.

So that's all for this week. And if you think Christmas isn't for you, don't be so hasty: religion doesn't have anything at all to do with an opportunity to scam free toys off your friends and family. After all, that's what OAFEsmas is all about!

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