OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 15

Who's a good boy? The OAFEnet Email Update is a good boy! Yes he is! Yes he is!

Our hearts aren't really in writing the OEU this week, so here, for your clicking pleasure, is the quickest, laziest way we could possibly do things. Okay, second laziest. Maybe someday we'll grace you with the real king of half-assery, but not now.

  • JOE FRIDAY! Considering that the original Snow Job from back in 1983 has basically a solid white lump with a face painted on it, there was a lot of room for improvement. Hasbro obviously recognized that open invitation, and has accepted. They stepped up to the challenge of turning a formless blob into an interesting toy. How did they do? Short answer... (more)
  • ALSO JOE FRIDAY! Look, a funny little video film: (more)
  • The AT-AP is kind of the little yappy dog to the AT-TE's gruff bulldog - it hangs around the big guy, occasionally doing something useful under specialised circumstances, but mostly relying on its larger, tougher sibling for protection. Those specialised circumstances are when something needs shooting but good, which is when the mass driver cycles up... (more)
  • That, right there, is pretty much everything we know about EVO Troopers. They showed up on the junk planet of Raxus Prime, but that's really about it. Still, a cool design is a cool design, and these guys could be designed to serve princess cakes at the tea parties Darth Vader has with his stuffed animals, and they'd still look awesome... (more)
  • I really don't regret any of my purchases - even the stuff I bought on eBay didn't end up costing me more than I wanted to pay. Bidding wars are for suckers. There's only one figure on the list I eventually returned: Mudflap. He's a piece of junk. Everything else I'm pleased to own. And going over the list, it's funny how many of these purchases... (more)
  • ML MONDAY! Ultimate Captain America has already had an action figure - January 8, 2003, in the Marvel Select line - but this is a two-pack, so it still offers something new. Specifically, Nick Fury. Samuel L. Jackson version, not David Hasselhoff. When Nick Fury first appeared in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, he didn't look like Mr. Bad Emeffer... (more)
  • TRANSFORMERS TUESDAY! Onslaught was originally the central component in Bruticus, the gestalt ostensibly formed from WWII Earth vehicles. You know, WWII jeep, WWII helicopter, WWII space shuttle, and so on in that manner. Onslaught was the WWII anti-aircraft truck, but that's been drastically changed. They're going for mostly realistic, modern vehicles... (more)
  • How do Bionicles tell male from female? Maybe they don't really need to - they're all Lego, so it's not like they have sex (although I gather some of them have flirted - fairly chastely, of course - in some of the less strictly overseen tie-ins), or even genitalia. Maybe they're like Hutts, and just pick whichever gender they feel like... (more)
  • "Trick 'r Treat" comprises four intricately interwoven stories, sort of a "'Pulp Fiction' meets 'Tales from the Crypt'," and Sam ties them all together. He's not really the villain of the piece, though; more of an anti-hero. He doles out the harshness, but not in the style of a typical movie slasher: he's not chasing stupid horny teenagers... (more)

That's it for now. There may not be much to read in the email, but there's a ton to read on the site. Go to it, OAFans!

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