OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 29

The OAFEnet Email Update has a thin candy shell.

It's been a nice, quiet week here at OAFEnet. No floods, no fires, nothing exciting at all. We'll take it while it lasts.

  • The more value you can get for your money, the better the toy, right? Well, with this week's Joe Friday, you get two characters for the price of one.
  • And while we didn't post this on Friday, we do have a new GI Joe Movie Watch over on the blog.
  • Have you ever heard of the mantis shrimp? It's a creepy little shellfish that can look quite monstrous, viewed up close. Even moreso if it's walking on two legs and shooting a gun at you.
  • Sunday's review is a two-parter, but rather than make you wait, we smashed both halves together - which, as it turns out, was a very appropriate thing to do.
  • This next review was last week's EUE, so it may seem familiar. Still, there's just something fun about a midget racing around on a gigantic flying motorcycle.
  • Marvel Legends Monday this week brought us a figure we've seen before. That's not very exciting, is it? Well, Hasbro did promise to cover some of the hard-to-find ToyBiz releases, and this definitely falls into that category.
  • Technically, our new Transformers Tuesday covered two characters, not one. But it isn't really a double review. How is this mystery possible? Well, get clicking, find out!
  • McFarlane Toys, at one point, famous for their toys' stunning likenesses. So how do their honor that former glory? Buy getting a movie license and doing everything they could to avoid having to sculpt any likenesses.
  • Similarly, our final review of the week is a movie character who's been sculpted with no face. Of course, in that case, it's appropriate.

We've got something special cooking for next week. Almost all the pieces are in place, so hopefully things will work out. Keep your fingers crossed, and keep reading OAFE - your #1 source for toy reviews.

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