OAFEnet Update for Thursday, February 12

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  • We may not be time travelers, but in this week's first review, yo claims he can see the future. It's a Joe Friday, of course, and continues an Old Toys Month trend we've been following for three years now.
  • How can Saturday's review dare to call itself old when the word "new" is right there in the title? That's the kind of brain bender that keeps us awake at night. Yes, we admit, we live lives of wanton hedonism.
  • Our regular Star Wars review took us back to an oft-forgotten period of the Expanded Universe. Yes, it's a new set, with new figures, but it still counts as retro (at least, by our twisted logic).
  • A toy innovator died recently, but the news is just now getting around. We're doing our part to spread it, ourselves.
  • We got crafty with this week's ML Monday, confounding everyone who thought they'd guessed what the review was going to be. Remember, just because it seems like we've started a theme, it doesn't mean we're going to stick to it.
  • Our next review isn't really all that old, but it did start to show its age surprisingly fast.
  • The past few weeks, we've been letting our readers vote on what they want to see for Transformers Tuesday. This week's TFT was a bit of Transformers-related merchandise, rather than a real product.
  • Wednesday's review sounds like it should have been a Joe Friday offering, but nope - that's just a coincidence. This is something else entirely, the first figure in a new line from a new company. Well, an old company with a new license, anyway.
  • And we wrap up the week with a review that is indisputably old - so old, in fact, that the company which made this toy no longer exists in any way, shape or form. But don't blame us for the delay: it really has more to do with the delivery system, doesn't it?
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