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Remember when we told you about the Transformers Wiki? Well apparently it was mostly unknown and neglected until it got a mention somewhere and suddenly exploded. Well, there's another useful wiki that's mostly unknown and neglected, and we wanted to tell you about it in the hopes of bringing it to life.

The GI Joe Wiki is, as the name quite plainly suggests, a wiki all about the Real American Heroes. But more than that, it also covers Sigma 6, GI Joe Extreme, Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagle and even the old 12"ers. It covers everything GI Joe the way the TF Wiki covers everything Transformers.

Right now, the site is pretty "bare bones" - it's a lot of pages that have little more than "coming soon" tags, and a lot of red links. And a good 90% of the edits seem to come from one user, while the rest are mostly anonymous IP address edits. But the site has real potential, and its sparse nature means that right now, you can have a real influence on the content, rather than just fixing typos or adding references.

So you've got your orders, soldier! Deploy over to the GI Joe Wiki and add your info. The site is likely to take off when the GI Joe movie comes out this summer, so you can get in now. Start editing, and show them what you know - after all, knowing is half the battle.

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