Ms. Marvel's psych profile

yo's reviewed the Marvel Universe Ms. Marvel figures before I got a chance, but never mind, I would have said pretty much the same stuff. Although it's worth noting that (so long as Operation: Lightning Storm was going on) she leads the Avengers, albeit with Tony Stark looking over her shoulder half the time.

I'm inclined to chalk the data file up as "good effort, but a bit confused." The "joy [Carol] took in combat" can only mean the "recent troubles" is Secret Invasion, and Karla's tone (including referring to "ambitious plays one might care to make") suggest she's delivering her report to Osborn - but pretty much the first thing he did was replace S.H.I.E.L.D. with H.A.M.M.E.R. It doesn't seem likely that he'd have had Moonstone do psych profiles in the brief interval between, under the aegis of an organisation he's dismantling. Nice try though - I wasn't expecting much when I spotted the manila folder in the packaging, but the file and the SHRA card are pretty cute.


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  1. yo go re says:

    Another possibility is that the "recent troubles" are Civil War, and that since Tony needed info on everybody fast, he put every tool at his disposal on the job of profiling them: in this case, he called Karla over from Big Thunder Mountain because Doc Samson was busy interviewing Howard the Duck or something. Or, failing that, remember that the Thunderbolts were all under SHIELD's umbrella: their internal memos may well have been on SHIELD stationery, so this could still be something she wrote for Norman before Secret Invasion began...


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