OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, August 27

Happy-freaking-Birthday to the OAFEnet Email Update!

If you missed us last week, don't worry: we took the week off from sending the email because it was our birthday! OAFE's been active since August 20, 2002, and these days we're busier than ever! As proof, enjoy this double-sized OEU.

  • We begin with a big set piece, one that will require a substantial investment of both money and shelf space - not to mention batteries! Find out if the toy is worth it.
  • Our first Joe Friday review is not only a double-dip, it also has a long history.
  • It's rare for a fan-made product to gain official acceptance - it's even rarer for that acceptance to bleed out into further licensors. Don't know what we're talking about? This will clear things up.
  • Last week's Star Wars offering is pretty obscure, but still has a great design.
  • Marvel Monday ran a bit late, because at the 11th hour, we decided to double its size - literally! The review was only about an hour away from being posted when it underwent inflation.
  • We probably could have gotten away with posting this review during Old Toys Month - not only is it a character from the '80s, we've been waiting almost a year for its release.
  • Transformers Tuesday is a decent figure with a surprise inside. What surprise? Junk in the trunk!
  • Even Shocka got in on the birthday fun, with this review of a giant killer with the stupidest accessory in the history of ever.
  • Is there anything better than a big huge drill? Artemis says no.
  • What's the perfect way to end the week? A brainy know-it-all covered with goo!
  • So that's one week down. Our second week began with Joe Friday, of course, and the newest character in the entire lineup.
  • For the weekly Star Wars installment, we jumped straight to the Clone Wars. Why? Because we're lazy.
  • Our next review is another SDCC exclusive, and acts as a preview for a line that hasn't been released yet. Should you be looking forward to it, or steering clear? Get the advance look here.
  • Marvel Monday sees the return of an old favorite.
  • And heck, the same can be said for the concurrent MotU Monday.
  • Since last week's Transformers Tuesday was big, this week's Transformers Tuesday went small.
  • Staying on-theme, Wednesday's review was a giant robot.
  • A fun and easy custom from one of our readers.
  • And finishing up the double-sized Email Update, a triple-sized review.
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