OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 3

The OAFEnet Email Update commands you to go knock holes in the walls.

The coming of September means our big birthday month celebration is over, but there are a few goodies left before we say goodbye.

  • Things started big, with a Joe Friday review that is, for lack of a better word, MASSIVE! Much bigger than our usual reviews (and as our Twitter followers can attest, it took longer to write).
  • Saturday we had a matching pair of reviews. First was this big four-pack, brought to us by the hard-working Poe.
  • And then yo chimed in in his typically lazy manner, doing half as much work and calling it a day.
  • Even Artemis knows that four-packs are where it's at: this week's Star Wars standby has four figures plus a vehicle!
  • Rustin is still fuming over what happened last month two months ago at SDCC, and has written up his fury in a new PoA: Getting Matteled.
  • Our Marvel Monday review came out the same day as the news about Disney buying Marvel, which makes you wonder: if these guys were redone as Disney characters, who would they each be?
  • The new Transformers Tuesday is a warning against the dangers of scoliosis.
  • Wednesday we reviewed a figure made for the fans, by the fans. Well, by some fans, at least. This time there was no voting about any of it.
  • And finally, we close the week with a two-pack you may not even have known existed.

Look at that! We may be getting old, but there's some life in these old bones yet!

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