Mattel announces CCI 2010 exclusive

Hey, folks, we got this press release earlier today. Take a look, and see what Mattel has up their sleeves for SDCC:

March 31, 2010
By Matty

MOTU Fans,

We are pleased to release images and info for our 2010 San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Shown below is a set for the MOTUC line.


For over 24 years fans have waited, and now at long last Mattel is proud to present the first ever figure of Fearless Photog®, the Heroic Master of Surveillance! Photog comes complete with powerful Shield of Light®. Complete your MOTU Classics collection today with this special figure sculpted by the Four Horsemen. Limited quantity available on after the show.

Fearless Photog®, Heroic Master of Surveillance.

REAL NAME: Nn'aath Briten®

For years, the villains of Eternia® have whispered the rumors of the Masters' mighty surveillance agent, Fearless Photog®. Chosen from among hundreds of worthy applicants to join the Masters of the Universe®, Fearless Photog® has been in hiding, slow to let his presence be known - for if Skeletor®, Hordak®, or their minions knew where he was--or even had proof that he existed at all--Photog's® usefulness as a quiet observer would be destroyed. If any villains come too close, Photog® will focus in on his enemies before draining their strength, carrying images of his fallen foes on his chestplate®.

(The OAFEs have this to add: if you don't know who Fearless Photog is or why getting this figure is awesome, you can learn the whole story over at X-Entertainment. Suffice to say, this is something we've been waiting for since 1986.)

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  1. OAFE says:

    UPDATE: Mattel just released this statement in regards to SDCC exclusives:

    Hey toy fans,

    With the news of our SDCC figures spreading all over the web, thought I’d take a moment to clarify some questions fans had.

    1: Yes, these are our SDCC figures. It was not an April Fool’s joke. (but we did get some of you huh?)

    2: Yes, just like last year, all of the action figure exclusives will be sold online after the show on

    3: Fearless Photog, like the other exclusives will be available online after the show. Also, his package will be the same as a standard MOTUC figure, no electronics, so he can ship world wide.

    4: We will still be using the "sales booth" system developed last year: a second booth to handle sales which will be run by our Toy Club, the same professional retailers who run our Mattel Toy Stores throughout the US. We will again have limits (likely 30-50 per item) which we will announce well before the show as well as additional details. We will take cash and credit cards and we will ideally be selling on Preview Night (we are still working these details out with SDCC as they have lots of rules this year about when and how companies can sell exclusives). But we will be holding back product each day. So even if we sell out on Thursday, we will have more on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make sure everyone gets a shot to buy. Traditionally the lines are much shorter on Saturday and Sunday, so don’t feel you HAVE to buy early on.

    5: Yes we will have other product to sell including hard to find products and other current retail products. We won’t know what these are until closer to the show.

    Okay, I think that covers all the main points. Obviously we are very excited for this year’s show. It looks to be our biggest presence ever with tons of surprises in store. We’ll have more updates as we get closer to the show.

    See you all in San Diego. I’ll be there to meet and greet in person!

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