OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, April 8

Welcome to the OAFEnet Email Update's less-than-epic April. Okay, moderately epic.

  • Joe Friday had a slight name change - not for us, bit for one of the figures under review.
  • If Saturday's review seems a bit old, that's because it is - it was actually written three years ago, and was lost until recently.
  • No, you're not seeing things; this is a Marvel review, but it was posted on Sunday, a day earlier than usual.
  • This was a MOTU Monday week, one that had an accessory which revealed a secret history.
  • It's also a new month, so we also went through the Previews catalog to show you everything worth seeing.
  • We dipped back into the Marvel pool for Transformers Tuesday. If you consider that repaints are pretty much the same basic toy, this review is three in one!
  • Artemis returned from the mists of time with a giant robot in tow. No. Not just "a" giant robot, "the giant robot." Although not *THE* giant robot, which would be Gigantor. GI-GAAAAN-TOR! This review is not Gigantor; it's the Giant Robot.
  • And finally, a figure who may not have any friends, but can always make his own.
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