Transformers ROTF: Skystalker addendum

yo sez:

Okay, so if you remember the ROTF Mindwipe review (and its bat mode), you may know where this is heading, but bear with us.

In today's ROTF Skystalker review, we mentioned the little guy can be turned into armor for his big buddy. How's that work out? Take a look:

Now, admittedly,if you're not already familiar with both bots, it's pretty tough to tell what parts come from what, but that really just speaks to how seamless the combo is, doesn't it?

There are other fanmodes that are more "Headmaster"-ish, but this one is just about bulk and armor. To do it yourself, only transform Mindwipe's torso halfway, then poke Skystalker's nosecone into the chest cavity (it'll push MW's chest out a little, which is how you'll know you're doing it right). The upper half of Skystalker's maroon chest will fit into the gap in Mindwipe's orange torso, making for a nice, tight fit. Then you can position the arms (with the 808s on them in this photo) as armor, and turn the legs into hip-based jet boosters. Skystalker's axes clip onto Mindwipe's daggers, as well.

Obviously, since this is just a fanmode, you can mess around and work out a different scheme if you like. There's no right or wrong way to do it; this is just the one that made the most sense to me...

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