GI Joe Sgt. Slaughter addendum

In today's review of the SDCC-exclusive Sgt. Slaughter, yo mentioned the back of the card had a letter ostensibly from the Sarge himself. Here's the text:

DATED 7/23/20

From: Sgt. Slaughter
To: GI Joe Recruits, San Diego, CA
Subj: Recruit Training

Listen up, maggots!

I'm Sgt. Slaughter and nobody's tougher than me. You
may think you are, but you're wrong! I know what it takes
to pound a team into fighting shape. I know what it takes
to fight the enemy. You don't have my respect if you don't
want to train hard and fight hard. You want to mess with
the best in the world, then come and see me. Cobra is
tough, but I'm tougher - and so is the GI Joe team,
because I trained them to be that way!



At ease, disease! You heard the man.

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