OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, August 5

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It's August, and that means it's our birthday. Yes, all month long: OAFE wasn't built in a day. August also means an almost non-stop diet of SDCC exclusive reviews, but not quite yet. You've got to eat your meat before you can have any pudding.

  • We had no Joe Friday this week - not an accidental omission, but a sad reality of the fact that Hasbro needs to get more GI Joe product out to stores. Much more entertaining, though, is Shocka's Point of Articulation, sure to win him all kinds of new friends!
  • Since we didn't have any exclusive reviews queued up for you yet, we went with a different theme for the week: Build-A-Figures! As many of them as possible! We've been saving up.
  • In fact, here's one that should have been posted last year! And it probably would have been, too, if Mattel were professional.
  • No BAFs ready for Marvel Monday, but the figure we did review is still pretty huge.
  • Remember, at the beginning of every month, you can find out what toys are listed in the new Previews catalog.
  • Doctor Whoesday was technically "built," as long as you're taking about an in-universe perspective.
  • And here's a figure that elicits the response "oh. So that's what it looks like." Thrill to the excitement of a character no one even remembers well enough to bother hating!
  • Okay, so you do get one SDCC review this week. And since it's the only one, why not go for four reviews in one?

Remember, to see all our exclusive reviews at once, you can visit our dedicated page - just for August, though, because when the party's over, the guests have to go home.

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