OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 16

Attention Jewish readers: the OAFEnet Email Update forgives you.

  • This is a review we wanted to get posted in August, with all the other exclusives, but the mail kept that from happening. It's Joe Friday, of course, so what could it possibly be?
  • This may well be the whitest toy we review all month - at least, we hope so, because white is difficult to photograph.
  • Here's a videogame review featuring a truly hideous monstrosity. Protect the children from seeing this terrifying beast!
  • Marvel Monday was a little bit weird - it has a girl with four breasts, a green guy who takes his clothes off, and a transsexual clone. Yeahbuhwuh?
  • It's new! It's red! It's last-minute! It's Doctor Whoesday!
  • What do you get when you mix pandas and beer? Something that belongs on display in a place of honor.
  • Look, it's another videogame character! This one's much cuter, though.
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