OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 2

The OAFEnet Email Update is garbled and unintelligible.

If this week's OEU seems a little bit weird, there's a reason for that: we took the review snippets from our RSS feed and read them into Google, letting its voice-transcription program run wild on the text. See if you can make sense of these before clicking on the link to reveal what they really are.

  • Joe Friday. The release of this 7 pack is a testament to patients. Well samples from the factory C E Day last year with people of things through the nose. For Barry has painted blue word Astro 1,603. A few single credit storm shadows actually made it to the stores in the Philippines. So he was another.
  • One of the old standbys for creating an exclusive this is a Model Color really surprisingly if that isn't something that they usually does. Because this is coming til now. Was Brownfield it to you and I had some fairly complex, perhaps. The don't mistake this for some cheap quarter coming up a little neck is part though.
  • Remember, we're still trying to split up the DC. Mattel, we just super heroes back. If you're at all interested in. Click this link. Clean your pieces now.
  • Important thing is that this is one of their fancy pants new kite. Figures constructive exclusively from ball joints and saw little judging by the price tags and I believe the first time the car races, that should be on the Japanese Role Playing Game, Home Care, share of the video game isn't a lot of entering, but it's a start.
  • Marvell monday. This is battle reputable Marine distinguished from the various battle damage Wolverine fat over the years. By virtue of having a different adjectives. What's the difference between battled and I just thought I'd rather just nothing 03, a short list, please bring is Brolin orange.
  • Dr Tuesday, let me know the been hundreds of them. When the results of the tree to decide if I remember reading in the midst of the capital, which unfortunately prove something of a problem for the show staff had no experience dealing with those kind of Kraut the location shoots.
  • Listen. Finally reductions. S. D. C. C. Report, and you can read or Liz rambling right here.
  • Hey first week of January 2000 Island, soda and I don't see the land of the Robot Chicken license was making a hoping robot action figure that april. With real hoping action. Yeah how you were half later. We're still waiting. This March saying that would be releasing a hopping real lucky chain.
  • Despite the bio techs. A brief reference to to Sanders cocktail which one suspect was working through they do you just a list of duties Revard featuring it was it closed smells poor off. Stephanie was pretty pumped probably give her own bath girls which is what this week to deliver. The basic design is wad. Jeweled inspect.

Weird, huh? Either Google needs to work on its software, or we need to stop mumbling. Worry not, though: all the reviews are in plain English, and remember, you can hit up our RSS feed this week to see what each of those was SUPPOSED to say!

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