OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 23

If you've ever paid more than $139 for sunglasses, we're going to start charging you to receive the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • This week's Joe Friday is a figure that a lot of fans made fun of at Toy Fair, but they're now desperate to get.
  • Poe waxes nostalgic for one of the worst times of his life. Sound weird? It is!
  • Sunday we reviewed two Marvel figures for the price of one. Is this the most useless set ever released? Maybe!
  • Our new MotU Monday review stinks. Literally! Well, the toy stinks, not the review. It's just digital representation of text, and thus cannot physically smell.
  • Check out these cool 4" Ghostbusters customs!
  • Transformers Tuesday was not a Transformer. Heck, you're lucky it was actually Tuesday!
  • Wednesday was a Doctor Who BAF... of evil!
  • Horror Month is still a week away, but this review would have fit in there perfectly: not only is it a monster, it's even wearing a disguise!
  • Are you a fan of Legos? Specifically, the little Minifigure packs they're doing now? yo has Series 2, and is offering them at retail cost. If you need any, claim them quickly.
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