MotU Classics: the Map of Eternia

Included in the shipping box with Wun-Dar (and Evil-Lyn, since they came together) for those who subscribed to the full year of "Club Eternia" was a free bonus item, a poster featuring a map of Eternia:

Ancient Planet of Mystery and Power

Gifted with the Wisdom of Ages, the Elders of Grayskull secretly knew that the twin warriors of the Great Prophecy would one day be born on their planet. Therefore, they made a secret bargain with Trolla. In return for keeping the Power Sword of He on Eternia, one member of the Elders was to join the Cosmic Enforcers, beings tasked with maintaining neutrality throughout the Universe. The sword was then split in two and hidden, awaiting a time when worthy heirs would reclaim it, channeling its power and their wisdom to transform into heroic Masters of the Universe, fulfilling the prophecy to defeat the Horde Empire and restore peace to the Universe.

A lot of intrigue - in the "political machinations" sense – in this one. It seems the Elders of Grayskull "secretly" know that twin warriors will someday be born on Eternia. So they make a deal with the Trollan Overlords of the Timeless Dimension (or whatever it's called), trading Zodac for the Sword of He - which, need I point out, is just one sword, not two.

Let's be honest here: does this seem like a fair trade? Were the Trollans that short on good candidates for Cosmic Enforcers?

Besides, the Trollans gave He-Ro the Sword of He, who gave it to King Grayskull when he died, who gave it to the Elders. It's a pretty douche move for the Trollans to suddenly lay claim on a Sword they haven't had anything to do with for years. But I suppose Overlords tend to be douches, whether they're good or evil.

I assume the reason the sword was split in two was to help make it easier to hide from evil hands. But who did the splitting? The Trollans, the Elders, the Goddess, or someone else entirely? Also, maybe this would have been the time to ask the Trollans to split the sword into two whole Swords, one for each twin, rather than the Sorceress having to "clone" (bleh) it later. Just seems to be a general lack of planning ahead, despite obvious potential problems.

Finally, it seems the twins are prophesied to defeat the Horde Empire specifically. Very Star Wars, that, though the Horde Empire was always a vague ripoff of the Empire and MOTU borrowed a lot from SW over the years. It does seem to demote the Snake Men a bit, though.

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19 Responses to MotU Classics: the Map of Eternia

  1. MldMnrdReporter says:

    That map was an absolute and utter disappointment.

  2. ridureyu says:

    Let's see, I can make out

    • Stilia
    • Ice Mountains
    • Plains of Perpetua
    • Village of Pelleezeea
    • Zodak's Mountain
    • Avion
    • Eye of Zurcain
    • Andreenos
    • Undergound City of Tundaria
    • Ocean of Gnarl
    • Anwat Gar
    • Golden Isles
    • Vine Jungle
    • Mystic Mountains
    • Tar Swamp
    • Evergreen Forest
    • Sands of Time
    • Castle Grayskull
    • Cave of He-Ro
    • Former Location of the Hall of Wisdom
    • Village of Veridas
    • Eternos Palace
    • Southern Plain
    • Polar Ice Cap
    • Orkas Island
    • Berserk Islands
    • Harmony Sea
    • Sands of Fire
    • Dunes of Doom
    • Sea of Rakash
    • Merman's Lair
    • Corridors of Lithos
    • Valley of the Dragons
    • Temple of Hordak
    • Mount Barathrum
    • Death Channel
    • Blood River
    • Snake Mountain
    • Ruins of Zelesia

    Presumably those are all preexisting locations?

    • FakeEyes22 says:

      That's the Grave of He-Ro. The MYP cartoon showed an unidentified marker near Castle Grayskull, and Classics has decided that's what it is.

  3. FakeEyes22 says:

    Ha! Douche move! Those Trollan douches.

    Reading the map bio by itself, I'd have assumed the sword was split in two specifically for when the twins show up. But…nope..

    I'd think whoever split the most powerful sword ever could probably split Hordak's face open.

    The map itself: Nice to have, but as the only added value in a subscription it is so much weaker than a Sneaker Phone. A cloth map would have rocked.

  4. Snarf! Snarf! says:

    Blegh! Waste of Paper the backside of the map is. Hopefully Etheria's bio will be better… Like that's gonna happen.

    Here was the perfect opportunity to give ACTUAL info about the planet and Key places on it; instead all we got was: KG's people traded Zodac for the sword.

    On the Trollans defense: He-Ro gave the sword to KG and KG "tainted" the sword by merging his soul (essence) in it so ONLY his descendants could use it. Now that's a very dickish move on KG's part.

  5. googum says:

    Didn't ToyFare have a halfway decent Eternia map some years back? With weird crap here, bird guys there, dangerous stuff here?

  6. Dead Man Walking says:

    I really hope these Overlords of Trolla aren't goddamn orkos.

  7. Stephen says:

    So I guess no one foresaw Skeletor in this equation? Kind of ironic that the biggest threat to the swords would be in the one place they were sent to be protected.

    The Enforcer deal sounds kind of raw too, and reminds me of the Silver Surfer/Galactus pledge. Am I right in understanding that Zodac was forced to go, but Zodak joined willingly?

  8. PrfktTear says:

    I used to like the Trollans, of course all I knew were Orko, Dree Elle , Uncle Montork, and Snoob. These guys really do seem like giant douches.

  9. Dlia says:

    Where's the Breast Cancer Awareness 2 pack bio discussion?

  10. dayraven says:

    this bio sucks donkey balls for a lot of reasons...

    1) why would you split the sword before the twind arrive to use both parts? or put it this way... ever lost 1 sock of a pair? of course. ever lost a whole pair of socks? nope.

    2) didn't toy guru recently state that the trollan word for power is "He?" so the sword's name is the power sword of power? this was all done at once mind you, in one big story orgy... so collectively, the best and brightest minds of motuc came up with "the power sword of power." that makes them clinically retarded.

    3) so the overlords of trolla were going to take the power sword of power off eternia, prsumably to trolla, to protect it? so millions of eternians over literal centuries of time would have avoided the wars and constant rebuilding projects that the "war of the masters" has caused, but the elders didn't want that? i'd overthrow the elders STAT, Tom jeff style!

    4) if the power sword of power is the key to entering castle grayskull, why wouldn't you just keep the pieces in the castle?

    5) this in no way at all addresses why eternia is the "chosen place" where this fight must take place. the bio in no way mentions the planet at all, so what is it doing on the god damned map?

    6) as pointed out, this map blows... no scale offered, featureless topographic info, so principality or political markings offered, and as MMR pointed out, better maps have already been done... and here's another it's not even printed on cloth for god's sake. this looks like a last minute assignment completed the night before at kinkos.

    7) clearly, they've not read my much better explanation of the twins story found here: see the post marked 9/30

  11. Reverend Ender says:

    So, I'm probably supposed to know this already, but am I to understand that the Trollans made the sword? Um, was Trolla not a safe place to keep it or something? Was someone going to invade Trolla? Why did they need it on Eternia? If the Trollans are concerned with neutrality, shouldn't they NOT want to defeat Hordak and restore peace, as peace is NOT neutral? (i.e. evil "balances" good=neutral?) Why did they need an Elder to be a Cosmic Enforcer? Why is the Enforcer on Eternia? (isn't he?) I am very confused.

    • Snarf! Snarf! says:

      Perhaps the Horde was an Evil that needed to be "balanced" or something...
      Maybe the OL of Trolla are a bunch of a-holes that use the rest of the universe for their entertainment...
      Trollan#1: "Eh Eternia looks too peaceful and boring..."
      Trollan#2: "I know let's toss the Horde there. Last planet they were it was AWESOME!"
      Trollan#1: "They blew up the planet, you nincompoop! We'll toss some resistance!"
      Trollan#3: "Let's use the Snakemen! They're creepy and everyone loves Snakemen week!"
      Trollan#1: "Oy vey! Ok we'll allow the Horde and the Snakemen, but I must use the glittery rainbow sword of He!"
      Trollans# 2 and 3: "Ok! Hey Orko! Hurry up with the popcorn!"

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