A naming question

So this is our opportunity to admit we messed up.

When Mattel expanded their DC toyline, they announced its name was DC Universe Classics, right? Well, if you look through our reviews, you'll notice that we studiously avoid calling the toys that. Why? Well, there is a reason: we misunderstood the name.

Looking at the name "DC Universe Classics," it seems idiotic. Consider the names of similar lines Marvel Legends and DC Superheroes.

"Marvel" Legends.

"DC" Superheroes.

You've got the company name, then you have the modifier. By that (perfectly sensible) rubrick, the name of this line becomes:

"DC" Universe Classics.

Really? What the hell is a "Universe Classic?" Why would they name it that? It's stupid. That's why every time the line gets mentioned here on OAFE, we just call it DC Universe.

"DC" Universe. Company name, modifier.

However, with the release of the GL figures, our mistake becomes clear. Mattel wasn't calling these Universe Classics, they were using "DC Universe" as the name, and Classics as the modifier. That's why the GL figures are Green Lantern Classics.

"Green Lantern" Classics.

"DC Universe" Classics.

So, obviously, we were wrong. We've been insisting the name was stupid, when really it was just a question of us not understanding.

So we pose this question to you: should we go back through all the old reviews and correct our mistake, or should we just do it right going forward? Clean up the old works, or leave a clear break where we finally started naming the toys properly?

(Since the name of the line still sounds like DC "Universe Classics," we'll probably call them "DCU Classics" so that everyone can learn what Mattel was trying [and failing] to name them...)

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4 Responses to A naming question

  1. Monty Prime says:

    It still sounds like a stupid name.

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    I always kinda figured that was how it was said. Maybe you could not be such a cantankerous jackass all the time. 😉

    • yo go re says:

      Cantankerous? Cantankerous has nothing to do with it. Mattel picked a name that, judging by every similar toyline, had a terrible name. When it's parsed properly, it makes a lot more sense...

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