Flippin' Through Previews - January '11

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in March.

DC Direct's Brightest Day Series 3 figures on page 135 include Hawk and Dove, Jade, and Aqualad.

Two new Ame-Comi statues are on page 414: Wonder Woman and Big Barda.

IDW's GI Joe comics start on page 147 with the "Infestation" crossover, and continue all the way through page 149. Then, on pages 150 you can see the Transformers books.

Hey, speaking of which, Incredible Change-Bots Two is listed on page 314. The first book was very funny, and it's listed on the same page if you didn't already order it.

Several Marvel Select Hulks are relisted on page 356 - Ultimate, green and Red.

Marvel Minimates Series 39 are based on the Thor movie, and are shown on page 357. Right below those are the single-boxed Thor Minimates that no store will ever order.

On page 358, there's a Minimates MAX box set with one military guy, one police woman and two firemen. There's also a Halo Warthog and driver done in colors of white.

It's a bit surprising to see JLU figures on page 365, even if they are re-releases. There are also a few Brave and the Bold toys below them.

Judging by page 373 it looks like Marvel Universe Jean Grey is finally going to be coming out again, along with a few other hard-to-find releases. The same page has 4" Iron Man repaints, and several 6" Spider-Man toys.

NECA's new Ghostface toy from Scream is on page 374. Then, on page 380 we have Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, Gears of War Series 6 and from Borderlands, the little Claptrap robot.

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