Integrating Marvel Select

As toy fans, we want to mingle our collections. Collectors want to make displays of all their favorite characters, and sure, sometimes those displays are themed strictly by company or even by character (all the Iron Men in one place, all the Spider-Men in another), but sometimes you just want to have Superman fight the Hulk, or see Captain America spar with Wonder Woman, so having similarly-sized lines is important.

Unfortunately, sometimes different lines featuring the same company's characters don't even fit with each other: DC Direct's toys are nice, but they're consistently too big to fit with 6" Marvel Legends or DC Superheroes/Universe. Marvel Select has a similar problem, since it's officially made in a 7" scale, rather than the more common 6". However, there are some Marvel Select figures that definitely fit with the Legends, and for collectors who want to expand their plastic universe, we've made a list of them:

  • Titanium Man
  • There you go! Buy those and you can put them all in your Marvel Legends display with no trouble!

    (Okay, with very little trouble. The figures marked with asterisks all work, but only if you're willing to make some allowances, such as mystical beings not necessarily confining themselves to human proportions.)

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    12 Responses to Integrating Marvel Select

    1. Zack says:

      I'm a collrctor of mostly 6 inch figures. This list helps me out alot.

      I was just curious; Is there a reason the likes of Ultimate Hulk or Sabretooth have been excluded?

      Victor would probably be a tad large; But the guy's almost always been towering, usually. As with the case with Juggernaut; I feel the Marvel Select version is superior to the older Marvel Legends versions (ML 5 and Faceoff), even though i still want the ML figures.

      I just feel like the Faceoff version was a good first appearance Sabretooth; But the classic Marvel Select version really represents how he looked in the 80's (especially the Wolverine hairstyle) while the variant is a good update of the 90's Jim Lee era version in ML5.


    2. OAFE says:

      Hulk's the first one on the list. But the rationale behind excluding Sabretooth was, like you said, that he's too big. Yes, he's shown as a towering threat, but not that towering.

      However, if you're willing to pretend that he's been given a power boost by Mr. Sinister, or he's been hitting the MGH or whatever, then maybe his size would make sense. Consider him added!

    3. Zack says:

      Yeah, i know what you mean. When i look at the MS Sabretooth i'm taken back to childhood and i'm willing to admit he's probably in reality smaller than i remember.

      I'm a collector who's willing to use my imagination. I got used to it because not all the six inch figures of the same character match their accurate height.

      I can think of a few figures off-hand in the six inch lines that were a bit large. Spider-Man Classics Sandman and the 1st App Hulk, and the Hasbro Legends Hydra Soldier come to mind.

      So, yeah... I kinda just pretend it's a 3D art quirk, or that they've been hitting the juice. Victor looks like a juicer anyways 😉

    4. Zack says:

      I'm not too familiar with Mephisto's publication history. While i like the size ratio he has with ML figures; Is he/has he been generally portrayed as taller/larger than the average humanoid?

      The only indication i have is the fact he's pretty large/tall in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Of course, i'm not using that as a reference or anything.

      • yo go re says:

        He changes size a lot. He's got one form that's probably the size of a whole mountain, for instance - basically, he a[p[pears to be however big he wants to be...

    5. OmniBot-500 says:

      I don't suppose i could sweet talk you guys into adding Ultimate Carnage marked with an asterisk? He wasn't a bruiser, but he is a genetically engineered monster rather than a normal person... Like, maybe pretend he is all powered up from sucking an excess amount of victims dry of their life force or something?

    6. Ian Welch says:

      What about Colossus? He could easily fit in with the ML figures.

    7. Spoon! says:

      Colossus is out of scale. He'd be over eight feet tall. He is an awesome figure though. I second Ultimate Carnage being on the list with an asterisk. Sabretooth works well with Wolverine from Series III. Good list, I have most of these/on my want list to mix in with my collection.

    8. Stars says:

      True, but Piotr has been drawn absolutely huge over the years. Originally Cockrum and Byrne kept him about right but starting in the late 80's (and continually afterward) his height became inconsistent from artist to artist. Still though he is a great figure!!!!

    9. Chris says:

      Is there any characters that can fit in the marvel universe lines? Being a giant or gigantic monsters? Thanks!

    10. Chris says:

      Thanks! How about hulk?

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