OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, January 27

The OAFEnet Email Update doesn't know any other songs.

Ready for a full plate of new reviews, plus a surprise for people who are slow to notice change? Hold your nose and dive right in!

  • We went big for Joe Friday, taking a look at two figures and a vehicle.
  • Then for the weekly Star Wars review, two characters with conflicting destinies.
  • Apiphobics beware of MotU Monday.
  • What did we get you for Transformers Tuesday? A cool new bot with a silly old name.
  • Figuretoons return this week, and we're actually letting you write it. It's a caption contest, so share your best joke. Or any joke, really - you never know what we'll find funny.
  • And to finish the week, the cutest evil thing EVER!

In case you haven't realized, we have a blog now. A real one, because as a wise webmaster once said, anything worth doing on the internet is worth doing at your own domain that you control. So now you can go to blog.oafe.net for daily excellence. Just this week there have been articles about ToyFare, a Lego birthday party, Mattel weirdness, and the first reveal of the new Thundercats. Go check it out!

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