What the hell, Mattel?

It's currently one minute past noon on January 24th - the day the second half of Mattel's Vikor shipment went on sale. My order is already placed and processed. There was not a single second of "white screen" waiting for me. If you could do it today, Mattel, why can't you do it all the damn time?

Someone on Twitter joked that the reason this sale went so smoothly was because it wasn't planned - the implication being that Mattel messes up on purpose, but that they didn't have time to get the usual roadblocks in place on such short notice. But honestly, that joke may be closer to the truth than intended. This sale was unplanned; it was also unadvertised. There was no official notice that Vikor was going back on-sale today. At least, not on Mattel's site.

They have a banner touting what products are available every month. They have a "News" page with updates about when things are on sale. But still, the only way I knew I could go buy a figure this morning was because I read it here. They had an entire week - they couldn't throw up a quick post saying "oh, by the way, you can come give us your money like you wanted to" between then and now? So yes, this sale went well because it was unplanned. It was unplanned, unadvertised, and thus no one knew about it.

Now, is there any reason Mattel needed to split the sale in the first place?

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