A Joe Friday announcement

You're probably familiar with The Corps!, the line of GI Joe-knockoffs that look like they should be sold exclusively in drug stores. These days you'll often see them hanging next to the real Joes in the toy aisles, which is just fine by us: it pushes out the real knockoffs that Wal*Mart used to carry, the ones that literally used bootlegged Hasbro molds. At least these are, you know, legal.

So, why are we talking The Corps? Because we're making a change. Hasbro's GI Joe figures are getting more expensive, and harder to find. So due to dwindling supplies, we're stopping our regularly-scheduled "Joe Friday," and starting "The Corps! Friday" in its place. The Corps! really isn't that bad, and over the following weeks, months and years (yes, years - the first Joe Friday was in January of 2008) we will show you why The Corps! is a better use of your money than G.I. Joe.

In order to celebrate our new venture, we're starting with three The Corps! reviews: Bengala, Tracker Tom and Lars Lazer. Enjoy the first of many!

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4 Responses to A Joe Friday announcement

  1. Barbecue17 says:

    Even if this is an April fools prank, I still love the idea. At least I can actually find CORPS figures and as my wife pointed out last night at Walmart, "Wow: this CORPS 8 pack is only 12.00. If it were G.I. Joe, it would be about $50! Not bad if you just need dio fillers."

  2. I really dig the Corps! (Want proof? Yo links to my blog in the above post!)
    Anyway, some of the figs -- The Star Corps! line and the Lars Lazer in the review are actually pretty nice sculpts.
    My advice: Just skip the figs with "human" heads. All the ones in sculpted-on helmets rock!

  3. orionpax55 says:

    Oh, April Fools Day, I love you so...

  4. orionpax55 says:

    On a side note: joke or not, it would be quite nice of you guys to visit
    "The Corps!" again sometime...sometime.

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