Gender stereotypes in toy advertising

Ever wondered what the most common words are in boys' toy ads? Here's your answer:

This graph is the the work of writer Crystal Smith of The Achilles Effect, a site that focuses on the impact of kids' pop culture on young boys. I mean, look at those words - "battle" is the #1 word used in all boys' toy ads. Now, sure, that makes sense for things like Bakugan or what have you, but should Hot Wheels really be battling anything? Should Legos? Why are toys being sold to little boys using the language of violence?

For comparison, here's the same breakdown for girls' toys:

Notice the discrepencies, yet? If you read the original article, you can learn what methodology and sources were used, and while it may not be 100% comprehensive (could it ever be?), it certainly seems more than adequate.

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