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We recently had a blog post about PFC Rupert Valero and the custom robot toys he's made while on deployment in Afghanistan. He was even cool enough to send us some of the bots to review - such as the big, drippy, Boogie Man, or the Iron Giant-ish Blue Destroyer. Since his creations and the story behind them are so awesome, we want to give you the chance to own one.

From now through Wednesday, April 27, you can earn a chance to win a "Valero-bot" of your own, while helping out some good causes.

To enter:
Donate $5 to one of the following non-profit charities:

You can also donate to your local branch, if you prefer. Send us your receipt (screenshot or scan), and you're entered to win. To encourage giving, if you donate to all three charities, you'll get a free bonus fourth entry.

The minimum donation is $5.00, but there's no maximum. For every $5 donated, you get one entry in the drawing for the robot. Donate $10, receive two chances - donate $50, receive ten, etc. Heck, donate $500 to all three charities, and virtually guarantee your win with your 400 chances! (Not a guarantee.)

Email info:
Send your mail to with the subject "Afghan Assemblage entry." Attach your donation receipts (JPG format, less than 300kb). Receipts must show the donation amount, date, and your name. If there's any info about your credit card or bank account, feel free to black that out: we don't care about it.

Don't send your donations to us: we're not collecting money, just receipts. The charities' pages are linked above, and the PayPal pages will allow you to donate in pre-set amounts. Minimum donation is $5, but there is no maximum - these are all charities that help US servicemen like Rupert Valero in various ways, and they can always use more support.

The winner will be drawn on April 28 and notified by email, then announced here.

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