Flippin' Through Previews - May '11

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in July.

DC Direct's Green Lantern Series 5 is listed on page 143 - most of it, anyway. Soranik Natu, Brother Warth (the blue elephant guy) and Guy Gardner are shown, but reinstated-GL Sinestro is still in shadow. These are due out in December.

IDW's GI Joe comics are on pages 152 and 153, and their Transformers stuff is on 154/155.

McFarlane's Walking Dead toys are listed on page 211. They still don't list how tall the figures are, but there's a Previews-exclusive b/w zombie two-pack that no one knew was coming.

You can look on page 212 for lots of Halo releases.

This isn't quite toy-related in the usual sense, but page 354 has a listing for Mail Order Mysteries: Treasures from Vintage Comic Book Ads, which takes a look at the junk sold in the back of old comics.

Diamond Select is making Munsters figures, and they look pretty darn good. Go to page 374 to find out what special accessory you can build if you buy all three.

On page 376, you can order the Curse of the Mutants Minimates set, with Dracula, Blade, Jubilee and Vampire Wolverine.

And on page 377, there's a listing for Marvel vs Capcom Minimates two-packs. There are two sets that will only be available in the specialty market, too, so don't expect to find them at TRU.

Page 378 has Femme Fatales Minimates, featuring Darkchylde, Lady Death, Tarot and Dawn. You know Artemis is excited! Also Minimates Vehicles Series 2 brings us a new Delorean, a stealth MAX jet, and a big pirate ship.

Mattel's Young Justice toys are listed on page 385, both as deluxe 6" figures and as 4" two-packs.

The Lego BrickJournal magazine on page 391 is all about steampunk creations.

Lots of Marvel stuff on page 391. Marvel Universe team packs, Thor singles (including Sif and the Destroyer), Captain America singles and deluxes, and Superhero Squad.

NECA's new Terminator toys are listed on page 393.

The Smurfs toys on page 396 look pretty hideous.

Page 397 shows off the Star Wars Jedi Force line that's replacing Galactic Heroes.

NECA has new BioShock figures on 399: three Splicers and a Big Daddy with LED lights in his helmet.

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2 Responses to Flippin' Through Previews - May '11

  1. I'm a big Smurf fan. Introduced to them through the 1980s cartoon, but really fell in love with them by reading the Peyo comics.
    And let me tell you this: It's a damn shame that they decided to go with "realistic"-look to this film. They look like scary little gnomes now.
    A full-animation CGI film set in quasi-medieval times would have been great.
    If you're willing to give the comics a try -- and I recommend you do -- PaperCutz is currently reprinting them in almost-digest size.

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