OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, May 5

Bow down before the almighty OAFEnet Email Update.

  • Want to see something incredibly creepy? Then check out our Joe Friday review. His eyes follow you wherever you go.
  • Remember how mad zombie fanboys got mad when the Dawn of the Dead remake had fast zombies? Wonder what they'd think of this.
  • New month, new Previews catalog.
  • Rustin finally posted a review of one of last year's SDCC exclusives.
  • Transformers Tuesday was a figure never released in the US, though it really should have been.
  • Have you heard the news about NECA's two newest properties? It was definitely an under-the-radar announcement.
  • This week's "Spoils" rundown is heavy on the movie toys.
  • And finally, a figure with more to sling around than some threatening lemonade.

We always direct you to check out our blog, telling you you'll miss cool stuff if you don't. No videos or anything for you this week, but if you haven't been to the blog, you've missed out on six reviews you won't see anywhere else. To help pass the time until Thor opens, we reviewed all the Series 39 Minimates, plus a few extras. So by all means, go to http://blog.oafe.net/ to see what you've been missing.

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