BotCon box set part 4 - Drag Strip

Drag Strip is angry that the Autobots control Cybertron, that she takes orders from those windbags The Motormaster and Wildrider, and that she was protoformed in a wimpy looking Autobot shell; which fuels her already high lust for violence. New laser swords are well suited for carving her name in anybot's armor, but those aggravating this fem-brawler-bot should expect to receive a headbutt between the optics and a swift kick to the exhaust port.

The exhaust port? Why not kick 'em in the lugnuts? Drag Strip was the third Stunticon revealed, which should clue you in to the order we're reviewing them. The BotCon folks put it to a fan vote whether they'd like to see Drag Strip or Wildrider for week three, and Drag Strip won 2:1. And then everybody was surprised to find out that the figure was really putting the "drag" in "Drag Strip."

Drag Strip uses the Arcee body, which led at least one mental luminary to comment "how are they gonna do that? That's a very feminine mold." Well no kidding, ya brain donor, she's a femmebot now! Yeah Drag Strip was male (or at least neutral) in G1, but this isn't G1 - this is Animated, and changes are allowed to be made. Heck, the original Drag Strip was all about his need to win at all costs, while this one is about anger and violence.

BotCon teased the reveal with a link to the Kill Bill trailer, which was clever: after all, it features a woman in striped yellow wielding a sword, and isn't that what this figure is? She's yellow and black with purple stripes, and her swords are translucent orange. Unlike Arcee, Drag Strip's character model has all the appropriate toy kibble: the wings on her shoulders, the rooftops on her arms, the windshield on her butt and the wheels on her legs.

This is one of the few BotCon 2011 figures to not get a new head. She just gets Arcee's normal noggin, painted in new colors. They're taken directly from the original toy, too: she's got a purple head with a blue face. The eyes are the same translucent orange as her swords, and the light-piping works very well. In the script reading, she was voiced by Morgan Lofting, who's best known for being the Baroness. The voice was meant to be inspired by Vyvyan from The Young Ones, but ended up a cross between British and Brooklynite. Think Zarana meets Janine Melnitz.

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