OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, June 16

The OAFEnet Email Update improves your confidence and your posture.

We've been very busy this week - it's not a record number of reviews for one week, but it's probably close. So let's begin.

  • We didn't have a Joe Friday for you this week - instead, Rustin suggested a different kind of theme.
  • Artemis was responsible for last week's email preview, and it was posted for everyone to read on Saturday. Enjoy this angry little videogame character.
  • This review sets up a bit of a riddle at the beginning, but never actually answers it: can you figure out the answer without any further clues?
  • It's been a while since we had a MotU Monday, but this one even comes up with a sneaky addendum
  • Transformers Tuesday was not what we had planned for this week. Or ever. Because until shortly before it arrived, we didn't even know it existed!
  • Rustin's haul involved a lot of very small figures, and one big one.
  • And finally, a guy who should really be a little more careful when he's shaving. Remember, kids, when your blade gets dull, replace it!

Now, if you haven't been to our blog this week, you've really been missing out. There was a DC review, a Top Ten list an, oh yeah, a new Transformers exclusive review every day of the week! You can't beat that. As you can see, we've been crazy busy, and it looks like next week may be more of the same.

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