OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, June 2

The OAFEnet Email Update is late.

The internet went out last week before we could send the email, and it was Friday before it came back. So this week we have a double-sized OEU for you!

  • We began, long ago, with a character who has a mysterious origin - and you can read it on our blog. Just find the link in the body of the review.
  • Here's a Marvel Monday review in which we tell you not to buy the figure featured.
  • Artemis broke tradition by reviewing a male figure.
  • Next was a DC character who's been referenced a lot in recent years, but rarely seen.
  • Speaking of DC, have you seen the lineup for DCUC19?
  • And then Rustin's Spoils of the week, which was mostly Green-Lantern related.
  • Moving into week two, we have a Joe Friday review with an addendum all about saving your packaging.
  • One of our readers posted a simple custom he made this week, proving there's still some value to be had in those old 5" ToyBiz figures.
  • How about a videogame icon who's changed out of his iconic outfit?
  • Poe gave us a MotU Monday that appears to be wearing a pillowcase.
  • Now it's time for Transformers Tuesday, and it's our first "Dark of the Moon" review. Here comes the flood!
  • And finally, a review of a figure that's much cooler than you might expect just from looking at him.

You'll want to peruse our blog in case you missed anything. We have several new and exciting videos, plus several addendums and news about an upcoming exclusive. Hit up http://blog.oafe.net/ and go back until you see something you don't recognize.

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