OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, June 30

The OAFEnet Email Update ain't got no legs.

  • This week's Freebooter Friday is only half as historically inaccurate as usual.
  • We have a new Point of Articulation for you, and it's like a time machine dropping you a decade into the past.
  • Here's a character whose name either sounds like Goofy laughing, or like something the host of a Nickelodeon show would have dropped on them from the rafters.
  • Here's something exciting: a MotU Monday from someone with a fresh new perspective!
  • We also had a Marvel Monday review from someone unexpected.
  • Since Transformers 3 opened this week, we had a movie toy for Transformers Tuesday.
  • Wondering what Rustin bought last week? After you read this, you'll just be wondering WHY he bought it.
  • To close out the week, a character who's already had one figure, but is now getting his most famous costume.

Now definitely make sure you hit up the blog this week. We've got a summer movie mashup, an ex-president talking toys, and some more GI Joe news. Very cool stuff!

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