Top 10 Valve action figures NECA should make

Last week E3 happened, and there were lots of people going nuts over the unveiling on Nintendo's new console, and a new Halo, and blah blah blah. The real announcement is that everyone's favourite toy company, NECA, has acquired the Valve license - an amazing happening that has got the toy world buzzing with joy. Valve is the sensational company behind popular hits Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead and Portal, games full to the brim with humour and life, with characters perfect for action figure form. Here are the Top 10 figures that NECA should make from Valve properties, each with their essential accessories.

  1. Chell - DONE!

    From the Portal series, Chell is the every-woman protagonist trapped in a nightmare of black comedy, apparently stolen away from her parents as a child now forced to undergo "testing" by the psychotic AI who has taken over the Aperture Labs. Everyone's favourite dangerous mute lunatic wears the finest in Aperture testing gear, including her orange test subject jumpsuit, Long Fall Boots, and the infamous Portal Gun. (Also available, Portal 2 tank top variant! For science.)

    Includes Portal Gun, Companion Cube, Wheatley Personality Core and GLaDOS Potato.

  2. Left 4 Dead Boomer - DONE!

    The most popular zombie from the L4D series is the bloated Boomer, foaming at the mouth with disgusting bile and gurgling away with disgusting sounds of sick. Get too close to this bad boy and he'll vomit on you, causing a hoard of mad zombies to rush you, tearing you to pieces. One good shot makes him pop like a disgusting pimple, spraying everyone around with his bile.

    Includes bonus Exploded Boomer accessory.

  3. Alyx Vance and Dog 2-pack

    A rare strong female video game character, Alyx Vance fights alongside the best in the Half-Life 2 episodes, without the need for the same DD weapons encumbering most video game females. She is featured here in a two-pack with her faithful cybernetic bodyguard Dog, both fully-articulated and poseable.

    Includes weapons for Alyx and a smile for Dr. Gordon Freeman.

  4. Headcrab Zombie

    From the infamous We Don't Go To Ravenholm in Half-Life 2 these nightmarish creatures demand their own special action figure to inspire nightmares on everyone's desk. Few will forget their horrifying screeching as they made it through the burnt out wreckage of what was once a normal, thriving neighbourhood, now horribly transformed by the alien invaders...

    Includes three Headcrab accessories - two normal, one venomous - that are articulated at the midsection to latch onto other toys' faces.

  5. Combine Soldier

    A perfect army builder, these freakish gas-masked aliens help put across the underlying Nazi subtext in the concentration-camp-like City 17 that forms the setting of Half-Life 2's pivotal events. Great army builders for collectors with the unique design appealling to non-fans and die-hards alike.

    Includes Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle and Cattle Prod Nightstick.

  6. L4D The Tank Deluxe Boxed Set

    The enormous Tank deserves his own box, complete with sound effects that play both the snarls of the beast himself and the pivotal music signalling his arrival. This gloriously huge action figure is a must-have for any fans and lovers of monster zombies!

    Includes no accessories, as is huge figure with built-in electronics.

  7. All of the Team Fortress 2 characters

    The joy of Valve is their passion towards character design, and Team Fortress 2's characters are an absolutely superb collection of hilarious over-the-top stereotyped nutballs, of which Valve has been making a hilarious video trailers for even long after release. An entire series of the fantastic TF2 characters, featuring their essential accessories with Red and Blue variants, is exactly what the doctor ordered! Collectors can assemble both full teams to fight each other on their shelves, complete with all of their accessories and weapons.

    Includes char specific weapons (Heavy has his gun Natasha and Sandvich, Engineer has turrent and dispenser, Demoman has grenade launcher and several sticky bombs, etc).

  8. The G-Man (Half-Life series)

    The G-Man is the enigmatic puppetmaster seemingly pulling the strings behind the events of both Half-Life games, the keeper of Gordon Freeman and recurring mystery across the series. Despite falling victim to NECA's "just a man in a suit" view in regards to action figure design, the G-Man is a pivotal character and is sure to be popular amongst fans - he's a must-own alongside Alyx Vance, and...

    Including Suitcase & Bizarre Slurred Speech

  9. Gordon Freeman - DONE!

    The obvious pick, the central character across the Half-Life series is poor doomed Dr. Gordon Freeman, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time when Black Mesa's portal experiments left nightmarish monsters rampaging the facility. Armed with only a crowbar, he fought his way through mutants, aliens, the army and another dimension to save the world - only to find himself captured by the G-Man, put into stasis for when he was needed next - many years later, when the Combine had enslaved the human race on Earth...

    Includes Crowbar, Gravity Gun and PhD in Applied Physics

  10. Deluxe Talking GLaDOS Boxed Set

    A unique articulated diorama of one of the most famous video game characters of all time, NECA's GLaDOS deluxe boxed set should recreate the final boss fight of the original Portal, with several amusing and insulting phrases. This is a no-brainer; everyone wants GLaDOS, and the chance to have one's own talking insulting AI on their desk, or shelf, or bathroom, or anywhere is an absolute dream. Make it happen, NECA!

    Includes Portal 2 co-op robots P-Body & Atlas as well as three Turrets

Runners-up: L4D Bill (with deceased variant), HL Barney, L4D Lewis with Pills, Oversized Nihilanth boxed set with bonus frustration.

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12 Responses to Top 10 Valve action figures NECA should make

  1. DragonTHC says:

    How about an Antlion?

    What about Cave Johnson?

    What about L4D Zoey or L4D2 Nick?

    What about L4D Tank?

  2. Emerson Abreu says:

    I REALLY waiting for P-Body & Atlas, Portal Turrets, Combine soldiers, HL2 Barney and Adrian Shephard (from opposing force)... oh, and Nick and Coach (from L4D2 would be awesome too) =D

  3. JakeCastle says:

    No way boomer get more votes than Tank, I don't buy it.
    It's Tank>Hunter>Smoker>Witch>than Boomer.

    And that's just the L4D1 choice of selection I was choosing from. If L4D2 infected characters are on the list than there's Charger, but saddly, it will only be Charger I'd like to see in figure form for the L4D2's special infected. I don't see myself buying a Jockey or a Spitter.

  4. Thatvalveguy says:

    Confirmed Series 1 Figures are.....
    Atlas & P-Body
    Companion Cube
    Portal Gun Replica
    The Heavy, Pyro, and the Demo
    Boomer & Smoker
    And lastly, Gordon Freeman in HEV suit


    I want to see Neca do The Plague (of Hobo with a Shotgun fame)

  6. dylan says:

    corporal shephard needs to be made

  7. dylan says:

    please neca make us a corporal shepard and combine soldier

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