Integrating MotU Classics and 200X

As Rustin and yo have said since the Masters of the Universe Classics line started, the biggest drawback is the large size and the fact that they can't integrate with any other figures: they're too big to mix with anything else, as the Toys Я Us-exclusive "MotU vs. DC" two-packs have proved all too clearly. It's particularly painful for those who bought into the Mo2K/Millennium figures, since we're getting so many of those characters done in the Classics style:

That may not seem like a lot, but since Mattel originally seemed to be disavowing any knowledge of the 2002 figures, that's a respectable number. And if you're willing to suspend your disbelief further, you can even grab a few others! Let's make some excuses!

  • Cringer - he's sized well for any version of MotU.
  • Draego-Man - a dragon can be huge, why not?
  • Dragon Blaster Skeletor - perhaps the dragon is boosting him mystically.
  • Eternian Palace Guards - wouldn't you want guards to be large and imposing?
  • Faker - like the review says, he's meant to look wrong.
  • Granamyr - a massive dragon
  • The Goddess - a mystical being
  • Grizzlor - ministatue aside, when he appeared in the cartoon he was bigger than everybody else and looked much like the '80s version
  • He-Ro - ancient sorcerer
  • Hordak - his main power is literally shapeshifting
  • King Hiss - he already uses magic to appear human, why not appear bigger?
  • Modulok - extra bodyparts = extra size
  • Moss Man - plant-based lifeform
  • Ram Man - he was always bigger than the rest
  • Scareglow - mystical being from another world
  • Snake Men - they're monsters
  • Tytus - he's a giant
  • Unnamed One - magic
  • Vikor - he was specifically chosen to protect the Power Sword, so size is an advantage
  • Wun-Darr - see above.

So, if you're willing to forgive a little, you can buy lots of Classics figures to go with your earlier Four Horsemen-redesigned Masters of the Universe.

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2 Responses to Integrating MotU Classics and 200X

  1. Sledgehama says:

    Let's not forget Optikk - alien, so not being bigger than humans may well be normal for his species. My collection is 200x based with Classics filling out characters not covered by the main line or ministatues. With a little simple grouping of characters (Preternia figures together for e.g.), a few instances of creative justification as above and some levels in the display, I think it works well enough. Of course I'd prefer if we had got a full-on continuation of the 200x style figures for all these characters in the first place, but you make do with what you can. Some toys are better than no toys at all!

  2. Dead Man Walking says:

    The problem of integrating MOTUC into MOTU 200X goes beyond the size, IMO. The style of MOTUC is very different; the characters appear puffier (for lack of a better word) and rounder. Their heads are much larger in porportion to their bodies, and many of them seem more simplistic, and toy-ish.

    I dare say that the only MOTUC figures that integrate well with 200X are the beasts and Tytus. Tytus's proportion are much longer and leaner, much more like 200X figures. In fact the 4H said they intentionally made Tytus not look like a MOTUC figure because those proportions don't work well in a figure of his size. The beasts work I believe because the fur detail is more similar to the "hyper-anime detail" of the 200X figures. Ironically, the 200X beasts like Battlecat have less fur detail, and instead are quite smooth. Still, I think a figure like Gygor looks great with 200X figures, because without the bloated look of the human characters he looks more like a realistically detailed gorilla.


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