DC Direct figures that have a waist

Since the beginning, DC Direct has consistently had trouble with one particular joint. Their toys have never come close to being super-articulated, but they've mostly been serviceable. However, there's a distinct lack of waist joints. In some cases we can... well, not "overlook" that, but at least excuse it. Some characters don't have any sort of a break in their costume there, so a waist joint would look out of place; but what really grinds is when a figure has a visual break, where a joint could easily be hidden, but DCD still forgoes the articulation. Since it's a very elite club, DC figures with waists, we've decided to start a list. Clearly it's not comprehensive, but consider it a start.

If you know any others, let us know in the comments and we'll add them.

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7 Responses to DC Direct figures that have a waist

  1. DukeNukem 2417 says:

    DC Direct's Damian Wayne (as Robin) has a waist.

  2. AGvitch says:

    The Secret Files Killer Croc has a waist joint.

  3. AGvitch says:

    So does the Penguin in that same series, actually.

  4. Matt says:

    DC Direct New Gods Darkseid has a waist

  5. robb says:

    Brother Warth had a ball jointed belly/waist. It was surprisingly awesome!

  6. popcornboy20 says:

    Ugh, this is a sad testament to the pathetic service DC Direct provides its fans. For over 10 years, customers have been begging for more articulation (BASIC, industry-standard artic) yet DC Direct (or Collectibles now) has ignored us at almost every turn. I honestly hope they're learning from NECA and Marvel Select, which prove that great sculpt and great articulation are not mutually exclusive. Just imagine a fully articulated Arkham City line. DCC execs must think the sky will rip open if they ever provide ball joint hips and rocker ankles...

  7. Evil Monkey Pope says:

    Justice Plastic Man
    Arkham Asylum Scarecrow
    Arkham City Killer Croc

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