OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 22

Europe's problems are caused by currency manipulation and the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • We reviewed one of the faceless, nameless cannon fodder for this week's Joe Friday, but for once it wasn't a Cobra agent.
  • Here are two reviews in one place. We normally try to avoid that, but this is a case where it just couldn't be done.
  • Is scale an issue in your collection? How different can a figure be and still "fit?" Will this DC Direct figure blend with your Mattel toys?
  • Apparently yo paid $14 above retail for nothing more than a single accessory. Laugh at his poor spending choices on Marvel Monday.
  • You may remember Transformers Tuesday from last week's email preview. It's three figures in one shot!
  • Rustin continues to burn through the Spoils of the Week catch-up, though when he starts reviewing bags, it may have gone too far.
  • And finally, a massive trainwreck of a character. There's nothing else to say about him.

If you haven't been by the blog this week, you missed a surprising Joe Friday announcement, an exclusive DC review, and a slightly amazing Lego video. We try to keep you entertained.

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