OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 8

Are you ready for some footsball! And the OAFEnet Email Update?

Pigball season has started again, but rather than watch the finest and luckiest porksmen collide in an orgy of concussions, here's a week's worth of toy reviews:

  • We began with the highly anticipated (?) return of Joe Friday, and to welcome it back, we did a vehicle review.
  • A new toyline based on a classic property has just started, and we've got our first review (of many).
  • Next was a leftover SDCC exclusive. You'd be reading Rustin's review of it instead, if he'd been faster.
  • Marvel Monday was last week's email preview, and has spurred discussion on the message board: what makes for a good figure, and how close does it need to be to the comics that inspired it?
  • Technically, this review isn't a Transformers Tuesday, because it's not a Transformer. Or is that "they're not Transformers"?
  • We had a surprise for you this week, too: a new, full-length Figuretoon!
  • And we closed out the week with five reviews in one go.

The cool new stuff on the blog included a behind-the-scenes video, a DC review, the new Previews catalog and a toy spokesman mouthing off on Twitter (for once, it wasn't us). Visit http://blog.oafe.net/ to see it all!

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One Response to OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 8

  1. Stephen says:

    I, for one, welcomed the return of Joe Fridays. You guys do a much better job than most Joe figure reviewers of balancing legitimate critiques of the toys while avoiding the insanity that the more hardcore fan sites get into.

    Since it's still basically the best line on the shelves (... well, when it is on the shelves...), I appreciate the coverage. Hopefully you'll get to Steel Brigade / new Hawk / Crazylegs / etc., because even that relatively tossed-off wave contained some outstanding figures. Just got my new ones in today, too...

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