Geeks for Tots: Win Stuff and Help Kids!

It's that time of year again, OAFE-fans, when you need to remember that not everybody is as lucky as you. Not that you need any incentive to give, since you're a great person, but this year if you give to Toys for Tots, you can win cool stuff for yourself, as well, thanks to our friends over at Geeks for Tots:

There's lots of kids out there that aren't fortunate to receive gifts during the holiday season. That's where Toys For Tots comes in. People donate toys to the organization and kids who otherwise wouldn't have a fun holiday can get some kick butt presents. And to help encourage people to donate, we're pleased to announce the Geeks for Tots contest where you can win lots of cool prizes just for donating to Toys for Tots!

Here's what you can win:

Grand Prize:

  • (1) Premium Format Clone Trooper from Sideshow Toys
  • (1) $50 Gift card to Big Bad Toy Store
  • (2) $10 Gift cards to
  • (9) Star Wars Action figures from Brian's Toys
  • (1) Gentleman Octopus necklace from Bling Squared
  • (2) Bars of geeky soap from Yeung Moxey (50s style robot and R2-D2)
  • Spider-Man Minimate theme assortment from Luke's Toy Store:
    • Spider-Man and Green Goblin Minimates 2-Pack
    • Six-Armed Spider-Man and Lizard Minimates 2-Pack
    • Big Time Spider-Man and Iron Fist Minimates 2-Pack
    • Sewer Wall Minimate Diorama
    • Sewer Fan Minimate Diorama

2nd Place:

  • (1) $50 gift card to Big Bad Toy Store
  • (1) $10 gift card to
  • (9) Star Wars action figures from Brian's Toys
  • (2) Bars of geeky soap from Yeung Moxey (50s style robot and R2-D2)
  • (1) Gentleman Piggy necklace from Bling Squared

3rd Place:

  • (1) $10 gift card to
  • (2) Bars of geeky soap from Yeung Moxey (50s style robot and R2-D2)
  • (3) Star Wars action figures from Brian's Toys

4th Place:

  • (1) $10 gift card to
  • (2) Bars of geeky soap from Yeung Moxey (50s style robot and R2-D2)
  • (3) Star Wars action figures from Brian's Toys

Now how do you get a chance to win all this amazing stuff? It's simple!

There are two ways to enter:

  1. You can take a picture of yourself donating to a Toys for Tots drop off box and send it in.
  2. Send proof of an online cash donation to the Toys For Tots website (they send an email receipt that can be forwarded).

Both entries should go to Please include "Geeks for Tots Entry" in the subject line.

You can find drop off locations here or you can call your local Toys For Tots representative.

Now I realize that you might be shy, so if you do the picture thing you can blur out your face or wear a mask, we're not picky. Entries must be received by 12/31/11 in order to qualify. Winners will be picked randomly by by an impartial third party judge.

We'd like to send a big thank you to our sponsors:

Small Print: Contest winners will be notified on 1/14/2011. One entry per person. This contest is not sponsored nor endorsed by Toys For Tots. Shipping is free to winners located in the continental U.S., except for the Sideshow Premium Format Clone Trooper. Shipping must be paid for that item by the winner. Shipping outside of the U.S. will have to be paid by the winner. Not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Past winners of the contest "Joes for Tots" are eligible to win Geeks for Tots. The contest is open anywhere there is a Toys For Tots drop off box. If you can’t donate to Toys for Tots (for example, you live in Canada), exceptions can be made on a case by case basis to donate to other worthy causes. Email your requests for exceptions to GeeksForTots@gmailcom with the subject heading “Contest Exception Request” as the subject line.

And remember, just because the kids you're buying for are in need, it doesn't give you the right to be cheap. Watch for sales, get 'em something nice and make their Christmas a lot brighter.

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